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Creating a Syllabus

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A syllabus is a guide to a course and includes what will be expected of students in the course. Generally it will include course policies, rules and regulations, required texts, and a schedule of assignments. It tells students almost everything they need to know about how a course will run and what the instructor’s expectations are.

A syllabus should include the following:
-Title of the course, section number
-Location/time of the course
-Name of the instructor/Office location/Office hours/Office phone/School e-mail
-Communication protocols (online bulletin and discussion boards, social media, email and texting)
-Electronic device policy
-Required text/materials/resources
-Catalog description of course/prerequisites/corequisites (if any)
-Course methodology
-Course objectives
-Learning outcomes
-Attendance policy
-Late work policy
-Plagiarism policy
-Accommodations statement (disability statement)
-Grading criteria and grade computation
-Assignments with points possible or % grade weight
-Other points (such as points for online discussion if it is an online course)
-Calendar of assignments with due dates
-Message from instructor
-Disclaimer stating that this plan might change slightly as class needs develop

A well-designed syllabus is an essential tool for effectively managing a course. It gives students a clear understanding of your expectations and a road map for how the course will be conducted. When done right, a syllabus can prevent a lot of misunderstandings as the semester progresses. You might even quiz them a few days into the course to make sure they have read it or review it with them on the first day of class! ScriptoPro allows you to upload your syllabus to a class page as a document or you can simply cut and paste into the class page syllabus area.

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