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16 Tips to Make the Best of an Online Session

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Webinars and online training sessions are being used more and more these days as a way to deliver synchronous (real-time) e-learning in a cost-effective, efficient and convenient way. However, many businesses and organizations don’t consider these how to fully engage participants. Not doing so runs the risk of lack of interest on their part resulting in no learning or minimal participation. Below are some suggestions that might help. 


  1. Make sure you know your “stuff” and train the trainer.
  2. Collect information before class so you can prepare in advance and determine how much participants know. This will also help you anticipate any difficulties.
  3. Tell participants what to expect by emailing them the topics in advance and how they might prepare for the session(s).
  4. Clarify for participants why the topic is relevant and why they should care about the topic.
  5. Ask participants to come with one burning question about the topic and revisit these at the end.
  6. Avoid duplicating by making sure your synchronous session offers fresh content and activities.  Be creative and go beyond lots of lectures and lots of readings.
  7. Include many examples and use the group to solve problems collaboratively.
  8. Create an environment that is conducive to learning by encouraging participants to ask questions and share thoughts.
  9. Ask participants to keep their cameras on as this creates a sense of connection and accountability.
  10. Do a quick social check-in at the beginning of class to avoid awkward silence.
  11. Pose a question and give participants a moment to write.
  12. Ask questions that require participants to pick a side.
  13. Use synchronous sessions as consultations to get overall group input and advice.
  14. Know the tools you will be using and know them well. Some applications are very powerful so use them to give you and the participants maximum benefit.
  15. Break longer sessions into shorter ones as chunking helps participants retain information.
  16. Obtain feedback on the session through an online survey.


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