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Benefits of Professional Development for Education Professionals

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Education Professionals know all too well that they don’t have summer vacations like their students. However, it is the perfect time to engage in professional development activities.  We’ve put a list together of the benefits of PD and components of PD that might be used as a starting point for discussion, analysis, and improvements in your organization’s current PD efforts.

Professional Development:

  • encourages teacher retention.
  • allows educators to develop new skills while also honing and improving old skills.
  • introduces educators to new ideas, teaching methods, structures, tools and technology that will benefit us every day in face-to-face and online classroom environments.
  • energizes and excite educators about what it is they are teaching.
  • builds confidence and credibility.
  • improves efficiencies within the educational organization as more are trained.
  • requires and fosters the norm of continuous improvement.
  • involves strong leadership to obtain continuing support and to motivate staff and others to be advocates for continuous improvement.
  • aligns with district and state strategic plans.
  • provides adequate time during the workday for staff members to learn and work together to accomplish the organization’s mission and goals.
  • bases priorities on a careful analysis of disaggregated student data regarding goals for student learning.
  • uses scientifically based content that has proven effectiveness in increasing student learning and development.
  • requires an evaluation process that is ongoing, includes multiple sources of information, and focuses on all levels of the organization.
  • provides the follow-up necessary to ensure improvement.
  • includes ongoing support and guidance during classroom implementation.
  • facilitates the implementation of school- and classroom based management strategies that maximize student learning.
  • prepares educators to use research-based teaching strategies appropriate to their instructional objectives and their students.
  • prepares educators to effectively deliver instruction to struggling as well as advanced learners.
  • prepares educators to demonstrate high expectations for student learning.
  • prepares educators to use various types of performance assessment in their classrooms.
  • prepares educators to administer, interpret, and effectively use data to inform instruction.
  • provides specific training in using selected instructional materials.
  • proceeds from introductory to more advanced topics.
  • makes succession planning easier as this allows for the training of future leaders at your organization.
  • improves student achievement, the most important and the most measurable result of investing in professional development.
  • excites educators to take what they learned and apply it in their teaching – and this includes technology.

Summer is the perfect time to do this so we’ve created a whole set of instructor guides to help you learn how to use ScriptoPro. Creating assessments has never been easier!

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