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10 Benefits of Online Employee Training in the 21st Century

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Online training and e-learning tools are a valuable way to provide continuous education and training leading to increased employee motivation, productivity, and knowledge. Below are ten key points to consider in this area.

  1. 24/7 Accessibility – Employees and learners can access materials anywhere, anytime making online training an extremely flexible and convenient option for those with often very demanding schedules.
  2. Current and Relevant – Training courses and materials can be customized for learners and course content can be easily updated in a short amount of time.
  3. Easy to Use – Systems simply require that employees have access to an Internet browser.
  4. On Demand – Training/E-learning begins the moment an employee signs on.
  5. Immediate Feedback – Auto-grading features allow for immediate results and feedback options can be customized to provide learners with explanations. Feedback also enables learners to determine where more attention may need to be paid.
  6. Cost Effective – Infrastructure, facility, and trainer costs are minimized and affordable online training can be up to 90% cheaper than face-to-face courses thereby maximizing return on investment. Materials can also be used multiple times for larger learner groups.
  7. Improved Retention – An engaging user experience and innovative, user-friendly design can provide a richer and more effective learning experience.
  8. Self-Directed – Employees can proceed through training at their own pace and revisit materials and content when needed.
  9. Enhanced Collaboration and Access to Expertise – An online learning platform makes it possible to reach experts around the globe and enables staff in different locations to collaborate in real time.
  10. Enhances Motivation – An interactive learning environment that is responsive and dynamic keeps employees engaged and interested in content.

As companies, businesses, and non-profits become more globally focused, co-workers are more likely to work in different locations. Online learning can help bring individuals and teams together and can better prepare employees to excel in today’s often highly demanding work environments.

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