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How Nonprofits Can Use Surveys

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Hands-introScriptoPro allows users to design unlimited online surveys quickly and easily for targeted groups and for any purpose. Surveys can be used for evaluations, donor feedback, event planning, volunteer management, marketing research, and much more. Once surveys have been generated, they can be copied, edited, or shared through email and social media. A statistics tabulation feature also allows survey results to be compiled, downloaded, and shared.
Nonprofits can use surveys in a variety of ways and for a number of reasons.

Evaluations – Evaluate employee performance based on feedback from supervisors, peers, and subordinates.

 – Send out an online questionnaire to better understand your current and prospective donors.

Event Planning – Gather data on pre and post-event feedback.

Marketing Research – Gather data through online questionnaires to enhance marketing research.

Fundraising – Use surveys to help with fundraising.

Volunteer Management – Use feedback from volunteer coordinators, managers, and organizers to assist with retention and recruitment.

Satisfaction – Administer volunteer and associate member satisfaction surveys.

Strategic Planning – Use surveys to improve the critical success of your organization.

Finally, make sure your survey questions are clear, that you have a focused objective, and have tested
your survey before sending it out.

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