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About Script-O! Pro

Script-O! Pro is a powerful program embracing the concept of creative control. It allows users to create customized web-based software designed around their own course materials. Quizzes, exercises and activities are created in minutes and are available online to students. Script-O! Pro includes a quizmaker, interactive games, an academic vocabulary program, a survey maker, and an online calendar. Find out more…


Features of Script-O! Pro

Teachers can create online quizzes, tests, assessments and questionnaires. Each response can have a specific score value, and immediate feedback and custom explanations can be provided. Programs to build reading skills such as VAP (Vocabulary for Academic Purposes) and Interactive Reader are included. Management and classroom research tools such as the Online Calendar and SUMA (survey maker) are also available.


Video Tutorials

This page includes a number of video tutorials to help you better understand how Script-O! Pro works. These tutorials are accompanied by audio so please make sure your speakers are on.

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Sample Quizzes

Please refer to this section to see some sample quizzes and sample exercises created with the various programs within Script-O! We will continue to update this section as instructors send us their creative ideas and activities.

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